Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fishnet Stockings in other Colors

Here are some more fishnet stockings that come in a variety of colors. Now instead of just black fishnet stockings to match any outfit you can get a red fishnet stockings or white fishnet stockings as well.

Black Fishnet Stockings

If you're looking for the kind of fishnet stockings that are sophisticated and ready for a night on the town why not try black fishnet stockings! It's a dressy color that will match any outfit and so why not dress up regular black stockings with some delicate lace or bows or other decoration on top of the fishnet stockings? Here are some example black fishnet stockings that you may be interested to take a look at. I already have several pairs of black fishnet stockings, and am always looking at the new styles that come out (obviously I am a big fan). Why not start a collection and have lots of options for dressing up and making a fashion statement with black fishnet stockings?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Wearing Fishnet Stockings

The Allure of Fishnet Stockings

Fishnet stockings have many fans. They are a stylish and sexy way to accent your outfit. They suggest a daring and edgy personality, and are trendy because they are different than the regular boring type of stockings. Regular stockings cover you up but fishnet stockings tease by showing more skin. Guys love a gal wearing fishnet stockings because it is basically just a form of lingerie worn on the legs. And who doesn't like showing off and getting a little extra attention with an eye-catching outfit? It's much easier and maybe even more effective than putting on tons of makeup and buying something expensive, fishnet stockings are usually very cheap so you can get many different kinds!

Different styles of Fishnet Stockings

There are many different types and styles of stockings. There are black fishnet stockings, which suggest a serious night of seduction and being a sought after center of attention. They are classy and sexy and of course will match any outfit you choose to wear. Then there are red fishnet stockings, also popular, which suggest a night of partying and being a flashy dresser. Red is an eye-catching color and is sure to attract a lot of attention! And for those who want to be even edgier, there are a limitless number of neon and sparkly colors of fishnet stockings also available. These are playful and can match a specific outfit in mind. There are also the great knee-high type of stockings, and thigh-high stockings, which look great with mini-skirts because of the glimpse of thigh that the outfit allows. Sometimes these stockings also have bows or different color linings at the top.

Wearing Fishnet Stockings

Try not to cause any traffic accidents from people staring at your attention-getting attire! Fishnet stockings are for special occasions, like going out or dressing up for someone special ;). Obviously they are a little too racy to wear in an office or work setting! Also you should try to moderate the rest of your outfit so that it doesn't clash with the fishnet stockings, or else it may look like you are trying just a little too hard. But fishnet stockings can be a perfect accent to spice up your outfit and make it stand out more. As mentioned before mini-skirts go very well, and high-heels also look good with everything, especially fishnet stockings!